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  • APEPT Missionality Survey
  • $29.95
  • The APEPT Missionality Survey has emerged out of a philosophy of ministry based on the five-fold missional functions in Ephesians 4 and over 25 years of study and application in church planting, pastoral ministry and theological education in multiple socio-cultural environments. The APEPT Missionality Survey was developed following standard survey development techniques. It has been used in multiple types of communities. To read more about the development of the survey instrument please click here.
  • Personalized Ministry
  • Your Missional Uniqueness
  • Identify Primary & Secondary Roles
  • Discover Your Role on a Missional Team
  • 23 Page Customized Report
  • Take Survey to Discover Your Missional Role



  • APEPT Leadership Survey
  • $50.00
  • Designed for church leaders, this survey enables the leadership to evaluate all of the ministries of the church. The result of the survey is an analysis of every aspect of the church's ministry in light of the APEPT missional roles. A minimum of 10 participants from one church or organization is required.
  • Assessment of Church Ministry
  • Take the Church Leadership Survey



  • APEPT Teamology Index
  • $500.00
  • Based on the individual APEPT surveys of church staff members or a missional team, the APEPT TEAMOLOGY INDEX analyzes the balance of leadership in terms of APEPT categories found in Ephesians 4:11-12. Imbalances in organizational culture, missional values, or church designs cause the church to lack the capacity for missional leadership development. The APEPT TEAMOLOGY INDEX enables the team to assess their capacity to multiply leaders and impact their community missionally. Read more.
  • Achieve Balanced Ministry Leadership
  • Minister Effectively as a Team
  • Mentor & Reproduce New Believers
  • Achieve Synergy in New Ministry Development
  • Develop Missional Congregations
  • Take the APEPT Survey First, Then Purchase